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Musical Fidelity LX2LPS

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The Musical Fidelity LX2-LPS Phono Stage boasts a plethora of impressive features, including adjustable impedance – in order to deliver impressive technical performance. This phono stage has gained a lot of traction due to its consistency and deliverance of precise impedance matching, boosted by the extra pair of input sockets and the ability to insert extra phono plugs, ensuring appropriate values are maintained. The sonic performance has significant low end to help warm-up the performance but it never gets invasive.

The LX2-LPS phono stage has been designed with exceptional attention to detail taken when it comes to the chassis’ metal work. Engineered primarily for reference level listening, the sound results are extremely accurate, always remaining faithful to the input.  With a commendable overload margin, it is virtually impossible for any real world cartridge to overload the LX2-LPS phono stage, and the circuitry within has been derived from MX Vinyl which boosts the overall technical performance. The noise ratio for both MM and MC cartridges is better than 82 dB and 72 dB respectively. All critical elements of a phono stage are addressed, including an accurate RIAA, low noise, low distortion, and optimized overload margin.

With consistent low distortion at less than 0.007% across the audio band, the LX LPS is the ideal choice for those audiophiles looking for the perfect sound reproduction, as this MM/MC amplifier delivers clear high frequencies with no intermodulation or other distracting anomalies. On top of all these impressive features, the LX2-LPS MM employs appropriate sound values in order to add further quality to all types of audio delivery ensembles, producing a much more impressive, full-bodied presentation. The fluid dynamics are visible in the distortion-free delivery of vocal performances. For use with both MC and MM cartridges, this amplifier offers an appreciable range of adjustment in impedance.

The accuracy of the LX2-LPS is ±0.25dB 20Hz-20kHz, and is extendable to 45kHz in order to prevent overshoot ringing. It offers amplification for both types of cartridges, i.e. moving coils and moving magnet cartridges. The front section of the unit provides a handy, secondary toggle, and the build of the unit remains sleek, thus integrating seamlessly within any existing audio systems.

  • Extremely low distortion at typically less than 0.007% across the audio band
  • Impressive overload margin makes it almost impossible to overload the unit

  • Noise ratio is outstanding and virtually inaudible at any volume setting

  • Accuracy at ±0.25dB 20Hz-20kHZ also extends to 45kHz

  • RIAA Correction

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    Brands Musical Fidelity
    Product Specifications


    Input Impedance: 47 KΩ


    Input Sensitivity: 3.0mV


    Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.01%


    Signal to Noise Ratio: >80dB


    Input Overload Margin: 15dB





    Input Impedance: 100 Ω


    Input Sensitivity: 300μV


    Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.01%


    Signal to Noise Ratio: >70dB


    Input Overload Margin: 22dB






    RIAA Response ±0.25dB


    Power Requirement 12-24V 100mA regulated





    Moving Magnet Input: 1pr RCA sockets


    Moving Magnet Loading: 1pr RCA sockets


    Moving Coil Input: 1pr RCA sockets


    Moving Coil Loading: 1pr RCA sockets


    Power Input: DC Jack (1.3mm inner pin, outer diam. 3.5mm






    Length (including terminals) 197 mm


    Height (including feet) 46.5 mm


    Width 172 mm






    (Unpacked / packed): 1.05 kg/ 1.50 kg


    Included accessories


    Power Supply


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