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Ifi Zen Dac V2

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Already a star performer, the improved iFi Audio ZEN DAC V2 is now better than ever.

Award-winner made better
Winner of multiple awards, including the prestigious What Hi-Fi 2020, ‘Best DAC £100 - £200’, the iFi Audio ZEN DAC was hard to beat. Until now. The ZEN DAC V2 upgrades the processing chip from 8-core to 16-core XMOS. This means that MQA files are now fully supported – perfect when using the top-end TIDAL streaming service.

Reduced distortion
As well as facilitating MQA, the new V2 version uses an updated, low-jitter crystal clock. This gives a 20dB better performance for a smoother, less distorted sound with enhanced detail.

Supercharge your computer’s sound
Whether you have a PC or Mac, laptop, tablet or Chromebook, listening to music while you surf, work or game is a constant pleasure. What’s less good is the sound quality – even if you’re using a pair of good quality headphones, the sound output is usually left wanting. The ZEN DAC (Digital to Analogue Convertor) V2 massively improves the sound by bypassing your computer’s soundcard and headphone output and replacing them with bespoke, audiophile grade components.

DACs the way to do it
Using a bit-perfect, Burr Brown DAC, the ZEN DAC V2 not only decodes a wide range of formats but sounds as true to the original sound as possible. Hi-Res music files are supported up to DSD256 and PCM files up to 384kHz.

Hi-Fi quality electronics inside
Making the most of the top quality DAC, the other internal electronics offer the highest quality sound – just as you’d find in quality hi-fi. The balanced circuit layout uses top quality audio components, such as TDK (Class 1 ceramic) capacitors for high precision, low distortion sound quality.

Maximises your headphones’ potential
With its dedicated output, the Zen DAC V2 provides your headphones with a dynamic, punchy sound. You can choose between balanced and unbalanced outputs, giving the chance for higher spec headphones with balanced inputs to really shine.

Output the sound to your hi-fi or speaker
It’s not just headphones that benefit from this compact powerhouse DAC. Featuring RCA phono outputs, you can connect up to the AUX input on your hi-fi or speaker system, too. If your hi-fi has a balanced input, why not take advantage of the second, 4.4mm balanced output at the rear of the unit. Either way, simply switch the output to ‘fixed’ and you’re good to go with an instant system upgrade.

Boost the bass
For times when you need a deeper, richer sound, simply switch on TrueBass. Unlike inferior bass boost systems, this works entirely in the analogue domain and doesn’t rely on a DSP (Digital Signal Processor). The result is deeper bass, without a compromised and muddy-sounding midrange.

Optimise your audio performance, with the iFi Audio ZEN DAC V2.

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