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Cyrus Pre2 Dac QXR

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Cyrus Pre2 DAC QXR Pre Amplifier + DAC offers total control of analogue and digital sources, now upgraded with QXR for additional function, enhanced performance. It provides the perfect balance and a superior performance but can be further upgraded effortlessly via a PSX R2 module.

Pre2 Advantage

A separate pre and power amplifier offers a new level of refinement for those wanting to build a reference-grade system. Running units with separate power supplies results in a cleaner signal as the inductive effects of the large currents in the power amplifier are isolated from the sensitive components of the pre-amplifier. The result is cleaner, more powerful and incredibly engaging. Rediscover your collection from a whole new performance perspective.

Pair with PSX R2

The preamplifier circuitry has its own power supply which provides separation from the demands of other components allowing an additional level of dynamics and resolution. If a PSX R2 is connected, you will hear a leap in performance as the preamp is fed with a highly regulated and ultra smooth DC feed. The audio uplift enables the close tolerance parts in the pre-amp to be entirely appreciated through the benefit of the more even supply.


Pre2 DAC separates the pre-amp into its own chassis and provides a discrete power supply to resolve more detail. QXR can process PCM audio up to 768k at a 32bit depth and ‘Native’ DSD 512 via the USB interface.

Advanced ESS DAC features asynchronous upsampling to deliver a supreme audio signal from connected digital sources including PC, DVD player or TV. Whatever the source. Audio from Toslink and digital S/PDIF inputs are ‘reclocked’ to reduce noisy ‘jitter’ for an intricate, more transparent audio signal to the pre-amp stage.

Upgrade Path

The Pre2 DAC is designed to be partnered with matching power amplifiers such as the X Power, Stereo 200 or Mono X 300 Signature. Build your system with a CDi or CDt and a Stream X Signature or Stream Xa for an exceptional music experience. Add a dedicated power supply such as the PSX R2 to further enhance the pre amp’s resolution.

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