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Cyrus Phono Signature

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Cyrus Signature Phono Stage is a state of the art phono preamp with a switchable warp filter enabling optimal performance.

4 Turntable Intputs

You can connect up to 4 turntables enabling effortless switching between turntables or cartridges as desired. Each input can be switched between MM or MC gain as well as resistance and capacitance to match the exact cartridge spec and user's acoustic preference. Settings are intuitively saved to memory for future reference.

Remote Controllable

Main adjustments can be controlled via remote from the convenience of your chair. By adding IR remote control of cartridge matching, Cyrus offers vital tonal control to rebalance flawed discs.

PSX-R Upgradable

Attaching the optional external PSX-R2 power supply accomplishes additional performance. This delivers highly regulated DC power for the signal strengthening. This unit is built for serious vinyl audiophiles with a focus on dynamic performance, precise cartridge matching and flexibility of use.

Level Display

Stereo output level meters facilitate clear and exact gain adjustment to enhance the headroom available for each MC cartridge.

Signal Path Components

High performance metallized polyester capacitors are incorporated within the passive RIAA filtering lending to superior accuracy and extraordinary performance.

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  • Firstly delivery was estimated at 7-11 days - it was actually delivered by courier the next day (Free). Item was an excellent price and although it was advertised as used - it was absolutely mint. This is what internet buying should be like - well done all at Bartletts!

  • If I could give Bartlett's 10 stars I would....Quite superb service (a special mention for Simon here) - Buy from this supplier with complete confidence.