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Welcome to Bartlett’s Hi-Fi – London’s HiFi and Home Cinema Store!
In today’s technological world of sophisticated hi-fi and home AV equipment, Bartlett’s Hi-Fi aim to keep your buying process as enjoyable and easy as possible. You will not experience intimidating, high pressure selling techniques – we will listen to your requirements, give helpful and friendly advice and let you audition your choices in a relaxed environment. You can buy with confidence from Bartlett’s Hi-Fi which has been established for over 50 years.

Bartlett’s are a proud member of The Clarity Alliance, a trade association for the UK hi-fi industry.

What Type of Audio / Visual Consumer Are You?

Discover where your interests in audio/visual really lies and let us suggest products and information for you.

AV Generalist

By ‘generalist’ we simply mean that you’re probably just into your music on-the-go, interested in accessories or maybe how to improve the overall quality of your sound and vision space. Form and functionality rule the day.

AV Enthusiast

As an ‘enthusiast, you’ve become inseparable from your day-to-day audio-visual experience. You’ve come to realise that this is just the tip of the iceberg of performance and experience and are keen to learn more.

AV Experimenter

A/V ‘experimenters’ like to explore new technology, tweak the systems they have built, learn how to improve or modify their sound space. You’re keen to read the latest equipment reviews, understand the science and test new ideas.

AV Audiophile

It’s all about quality and control; from the very best a system or brand can offer, to micro-managing the sound spaces you build for your equipment experience, you’ll leave no stone unturned to make even small improvements.