M-DAC nano


The M-DAC nano is a multi-function portable headphone amplifier and DAC combination. Being both ergonomically and feature designed to enhance your portable music playback experience, the M-DAC nano transforms your digital music signal to a level of high fidelity. Universally suited to in-ear or over-ear headphones of various impedance levels, the M-DAC nano will effortlessly up-sample your digital music files from 16-bit/44.1KHz to 32-bit/384 KHz for genuine hi-res playback. 

Using aptX Bluetooth technology for a seamless connection to Android and Apple devices as well as Bluetooth compatibility for Windows and OSx, the M-DAC nano is a powerful and compact device for all devices. 

The M-DAC nano weighs a mere 28 grams and is small enough to conveniently fit in your pocket. It is rechargeable via its own wireless charging pad and delivers the Trademark Audiolab M-DAC performance in the most compact and convenient form yet. 

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  • Once again thanks for your help. I first visited Bartletts in 1993 and bought the Audiolab 8000a to equalise and compete with whatever the neighbours were playing at the time through the very thin walls of a Victorian Mansion Block. My Quad at the time although could musically could not compete. I had bought the Quad in 1984 at a place in Camden by Mornington Crescent, although I felt that I bought what" that particular shop "wanted to sell me rather than what I wanted.

    D.R. - London
  • Firstly delivery was estimated at 7-11 days - it was actually delivered by courier the next day (Free). Item was an excellent price and although it was advertised as used - it was absolutely mint. This is what internet buying should be like - well done all at Bartletts!

  • If I could give Bartlett's 10 stars I would....Quite superb service (a special mention for Simon here) - Buy from this supplier with complete confidence.